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Sleep apnea is a serious and sometimes life-threatening condition that affects millions of people each year. If you suffer from sleep apnea or chronic snoring but have not been successful using a CPAP machine, the specialist at 14th Floor Dental can fit you with a special mouthguard to help you obtain a more restful night’s sleep.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which the muscles around the tongue and throat relax while you sleep. This relaxation of the muscles causes the tissues to block proper airflow to your lungs which can result in not breathing properly or safely while sleeping.

What if I Can’t Comfortably Use a CPAP Machine?

One of the most common complaints from patients who suffer from sleep apnea is that they can’t comfortably sleep wearing the CPAP mask. If you have discussed using alternative treatments to treat your sleep apnea with your doctor, our experienced team at 14th Floor Dental may have the answer you have been looking for and can prescribe using an oral appliance.

What is an Oral Appliance?

Oral appliances used to treat sleep apnea and chronic snoring are a great treatment option for many patients. These devices are worn comfortably in the mouth while you sleep. Many would say they look similar to a sports mouth guard.

How Does it Work?

Oral appliances work by comfortably  holding the lower jaw forward just enough to keep the airway open. This positioning keeps the airway open and prevents the tongue and muscles in the upper airway from blocking and collapsing the passage.   

Can it Help Stop My Snoring?

Absolutely! The oral mouth guards will help position your tongue and jaw slightly forward allowing for proper airflow. This in turn helps prevent snoring and allows both you and your loved ones a quiet night’s sleep!

Don’t allow another restless night sleep to damper your day. Call the specialist at 14th Floor Dental to get your sleep back on track!

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